Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tips for traveling with kids!

Here are some great tips for traveling with kids this is a start, As I think of more I will continue to post.
Car Sickness

I have 2 kids who suffer from car sickness and I hate giving them Dramamine. Dramamine is great, but it makes my kids sleep the whole time. Don't get me wrong sleeping in the car is great sometimes. However it does not work if you are sight seeing or getting in and out of the car a lot. We found another option that works for our children. If our children are watching a DVD on our in car video system then they don't suffer car sickness. It is really great. I love this option because they are happy to watch their favorite video which means they are not board and picking fights with each other. Also if we are making stops to see exciting new things they are not groggy. I have found that they don't have to watch movies continuously either. If it is freeway, I wait until we have been on the road for about an hour or so. I then let the kids pick a full length movie. After it ends I usually wait about an hour and a half and then let them pick out another movie. This works out really well. It gives them something to break up the trip and something for them to look forward to. If we are going on winding roads then I will have a movie on the whole time. Why risk it? This works for us and is something you can try, I hope it works for you. Also if you fly often or if you know someone who does, pick up the airsick bag and keep them in your car. Being prepared will go along way.

Multiple nights in different hotels or locations

So you are going on a trip where you will be staying one night here and maybe two nights here. I have done this often with my family. I got sick of lugging in multiple suitcases night after night. Now when I am packing for a trip like this, I will pack one suitcase for each stop. This way I have everything I need for each stop. I will pack one back with items such as toothbrushes, hair products and such that comes in every night. This makes our trip a lot easier, less suitcases crowding our room, and less stuff that the kids can pull out.
Snacks on the road

I take my kids to the store the day before a road trip and have them help me pick out a variety of snacks. This helps a few ways, one they are excited to have something to munch on, and second when you are taking bathroom breaks you are not buying out the store, you can say we have snacks in the car. This saves time and money. I have found my kids would wonder the store forever if I would let them, trying to decide. Saving time and money are both good things.
Airplane travel

Airplane travel with kids can be so overwhelming. Getting to the airport on time, remembering everything you need for your trip, and then getting through security. I am tired already.
Children under 2 on domestic flights usually fly for free, check with you airline for details.
What to bring on a flight

Traveling with a newborn to 12 months

If you are nursing no problem you are set with the feedings. But remember a pacifier for altitude changes, it helps babies ears. Bottle fed babies, check out the TSA site. as long as you have your diapers then you are set. If you are going on a domestic flight you will be able to have your baby as a lap child if you would like. This means you will have to hold you baby for the whole flight If you are going over seas then you can still hold your child if you choose to, but there is usually a fee for the child. On a long flights if you decided to have a lap child, remember it will be more difficult to eat, drink, and use the restroom. As for clothing, be sure to put comfortable clothing on you child, and I recommend nothing with metal snaps. (I made that mistake once and I have to hold up my child so TSA could wand her.)

12 month to 2 years

You can still choose to have your child on your lap. Again this will make it difficult to do some things on the flight, so consider how long your flight is. I recommend something for your child to suck on, either a bottle or a sippey cup. Also some quite activities or toys to keep you child's attention. I recommend toys that are new to your child, this will be exciting and hopefully keep their attention for longer. I also recommend taking a bottle of Benadryl in case you fell your child needs a little help sleeping. You don't want your child to be the screaming kid that everyone gets annoyed with, especially on a long flight.
Sometimes if you have not paid for a seat for your child, when you check in see how full the
flight is, if it is not full and you ask very nicely sometimes they will let you place your child in a seat.

Children 2 and up

I would recommend a small backpack that your child can carry by themselves. In the backpack put toys, coloring book and crayons. If your child has a special toy, or blanket I would pack that. A empty sippey cup, and snacks, and either some chewy candy or if you are brave some gum. Also if you have one a portable DVD player with headphones can be a life saver.
Car Seats

Before leaving on a trip, check with your airline on car seat requirements, some types of car seats are allowed and some are not. You need to know before you go. I know booster seats are not allowed.

This is all I have for now. I know I will think of more, so keep checking back. If you have questions, leave me a comment, I would be happy to give an opinion or do some research to find an answer. Chances are your not the only one with questions.

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