Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Entertainment Book Giveaway!

Why The Entertainment Book??

I love the Entertainment Book. When I travel the Entertainment book gives me some of the best deals and this is for things you would spend money on anyway. ( i.e. Hotels & rental cars) In the past I have been able to get hotels for ½ price. Example: I was traveling to Boise, Id to see family. From where I live that is a 2 day drive, with kids! We needed a hotel in the middle. We called the number from the travel section of the Entertainment book and booked a hotel, with taxes it came to about $40.00. It would have been over $80. Right there we paid for our Entertainment book. Another example: I was staying one night in Orlando, FL while passing through. My husband booked the hotel for us, which ended up being right between Universal Studios and Disney World. Again we only paid about $40.00. On the same trip we rented a mid size car for about $35.00 a day. These are amazing savings. One small investment a year if you travel even one time a year. That is just the reward for travel. I would also like to mention that the hotels we stayed in were nice hotels, with a continental breakfast, pool, and high speed internet.

On a day to day basis you can save on Restaurants, Attractions, and Shopping in your area. There are even movie discounts. There are savings for many of your favorite restaurants and restaurants you have wanted to try. How many times have you wanted to try new restaurant in your area, saving money is a great reason to try something new. I have found some of my favorite restaurants using the Entertainment book. Your savings can add up very fast, and mostly on things you are going to go out and do anyway, or at least on things you want to do.

Check out the link and enter your zip code to see what deals are available in your area. After you see how much you can save ENTER to Win your free Entertainment book. If you can't wait to see if you will win one, click on the link to purchase your Entertainment book today!
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Contest ends January 25th, 2009 at 11:59 pm (MST)
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