Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why we do what we do...

Why a blog about vacation deals? Well in a time where our economy is experiencing difficulties, more and more people are cutting back. I understand that as well as anyone. However I also know that there are ways to cut back and still have a great vacation. I started this blog to help others find those deals. Just this past week I was helping my cousin plan her wedding while on a cruise. To get married on the actual cruise ship was very expensive, so I found a way for her to get married while on vacation, just not on the ship. Now she is getting married on a beautiful Island. All for a fraction of the price she would have spent. I have been helping friends vacation this way for a few years now. Now I want to help more people enjoy dream vacations. Please check out the advertising links on this blog. They are a great way to get ideas for your next get away. If you find a great deal feel free to book your getaway, but be sure to share your great deal. If you are not sure you are finding a great deal, please feel free to contact me. I can look into your plans and see if there is a better deal, or a little different way to maximize your savings.

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